Visual Note Taking

There is no singular definition of a doodle [sketch]. There is only insight that comes from what you make of it. Within User Experience (UX) visual thinking, sketching and visual note taking is often used in the development and expression of experiences and complex content as it offers practitioners a better way to express information, research and their experiences to different audiences.

In this short video interview, Makayla Lewis outlines her UXBristol 2016 workshop, during which participants gained a background in visual thinking, built a visual language and learnt how to integrate visual note taking with user research.



About Makayla Lewis

Dr. Makayla Lewis has a passion for HCI research. She completed a PhD in HCI at City University London in 2012. Makayla is now a Post Doc at Royal Holloway, University of London, where she uses HCI, UCD and visual methods to draw out an understanding of how people influence the management of their data and how they use social networks to extend and maintain this influence. Makayla is also an accomplished illustrator, visual thinker, UX sketcher and visual note taker (sketchnoter) and her work can be viewed at and on Twitter @maccymacx.