The UX of Forms

Sjors Timmer describes his UXBristol 2016 workshop, where participants learnt how to design accessible, understandable and mobile-friendly forms, practiced organising and writing good questions, and got hands-on with the micro-interactions of form design.

I Want My MVP

The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has a bad reputation with some designers as it’s often synonymous with cutting back on the quality of the experience. In this short video interview, Alastair Lee explains how to use an MVP to deliver value.

Visual Note Taking

Makayla Lewis outlines her UXBristol 2016 workshop, during which participants gained a background in visual thinking, built a visual language and learnt how to integrate visual note taking with user research.

Short Talks

In the final session of UXBristol 2016, four brave speakers took to the stage to deliver a short talk on the topic of their choice. Here are the highlights…

Persuasive Design

Driving user acceptance through persuasion and behaviour change is one of the biggest challenges a designer can face and one of the greatest gambles a global company can face. Alberto Ferreira discusses how to encourage behavioural change through subtle stimulation and mindful design.

Prototyping Connected Services

‘Smart’ technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things are beginning to enable a new wave of smarter services. But how can these ‘next generation services’ be tested without costly investment? Stuart Tayler guides us through a practical prototyping exercise to find out.

Validating Ideas Fast With Remote User Research

In his UXBristol 2016 workshop, Adam Babajee-Pycroft shared what he’s learnt about validating ideas quickly, having executed hundreds of hours of remote research on a variety of projects.

In this session summary we capture his key insights about the process and advice to other UX researchers looking to try this method.

Welcome to UXBristol 2016!

Welcome to UXBristol 2016! The event will be live blogged here from 09:30 on Friday 15th July. Look out for session summaries from @eventamplifier, sketch notes from @roarsdraws and video interviews capturing the day’s workshops. You can also follow @uxbristol for live updates or use the #uxbristol hashtag join the conversation on Twitter. Enjoy!