Stu Tayler Stuart Tayler

Prototyping connected services

‘Smart’ technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things are beginning to enable a new wave of smarter services. But how can these ‘next generation services’ be tested without costly investment?

In this hands-on workshop you’ll turn a high-level proposition into something tangible that demonstrates a next generation service. You’ll plan a prototype using Service Design principles and then rapidly build it using readily available materials and lo-fidelity techniques. You’ll also learn how to capture the prototype so that it can be used as stimulus for user research or a tool for stakeholder communication.


About Stuart Tayler

Stuart is a user experience consultant at cxpartners, where he leads teams to research, design and deliver large-scale UX projects.

Stuart has over 8 years experience across service design and UX. He previously worked at the global agency R/GA, winning multiple awards and working with clients like Google and Nike. He has also worked at Nokia and service design consultancy live|work.