Alberto Ferreira Alberto Ferreira

Persuasive design

Cultural and social expectations play a major role in the psychological experience of a design. Driving user acceptance through persuasion and behaviour change is one of the biggest challenges a designer can face and one of the greatest gambles a global company can face. This workshop will focus on how to encourage behavioural change through subtle stimulation and mindful design, leveraging the users’ beliefs, expectations, and journey context.

In this dynamic and practical session, emphasis will be placed on strengthening skills and bridging strategies for effective persuasive design strategies and meta-skills that can be leveraged by any UX specialist. Among the theories and models applied, the workshop will also pull together constructive aspects of interaction, sociology, and psychology studies.


About Alberto Ferreira

Alberto Ferreira has worked extensively in globalization services and product development, with his key interests lying in user experience (UX) as well as content optimization technologies and processes. He specialises in aiding companies to redesign their digital presence and determine the user’s real needs with a global perspective. He has over 7 years of experience in Agile methodologies and corporate change, and is a cross-disciplinarian by nature. Alberto is also the author of Universal UX, to be published by Morgan Kaufmann in 2016, and often speaks and writes on design, UX and content globalization.