Sarah Prag Sarah Prag

Pragmatism vs purism. When UX meets the real world

You might be the best at best practice, but what happens when you have to convince other people to go with what you’re proposing? What’s the reality of being the UX champion in a team of product people, developers, sponsors…? When and how should you compromise, and on what?

In this very interactive session Sarah will share a few of her own experiences and suggestions before encouraging all of you to do the same.


About Sarah Prag

Sarah Prag is a service design & digital transformation, Consultant & coach

Sarah has spent 16 years doing things with digital. She helped launch eBay in the UK before a stint at the BBC introducing podcasting and representing radio in the world of iPlayer. More recently she was part of the Government Digital Service as the Product Manager for the development and launch of GOV.UK. She’s now based in Bristol doing coaching and consultancy work with the public sector.