Stu & Joel Stu Charlton & Joel Mitchell

Making performance a feature

Good people of UX, we think you are missing a trick.

Your users don’t like waiting. But site speed is low on your list of priorities and they are frustrated. Plus, you’re letting the devs have all the fun. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We know you care. So here’s a primer on the subject of speed, for anyone involved in the planning, design or delivery of a website or app.

We’ll show you how you can make a big difference and turn that frustration into delight. We’ll lightly cover:

You’ll use a speed testing tool to see how your site measures up. And we’ll help you identify some quick wins to put into action. It will be fun. See you there. We’ll set you up to make site speed a feature.


About Stu Charlton

Stu is Head of Development at cxpartners. Since 2004 he’s worked freelance, as director of a digital studio and now as head of the development team at a leading UX design consultancy. He enjoys building and working with small teams to tackle interesting challenges and is in his element talking about interface design and front-end development. He likes to work in a variety of roles and has a strong all-round skillset.

Stu heads up a new development team building modular front-end frameworks for cxpartners’ global client list. His team crafts UIs that realise the visions of our user-centred design team, supporting business goals and enhancing brand values.


About Joel Mitchell

Joel is a senior front-end developer who has written code for the likes of The Guardian, BBC, Vodafone, P&O Ferries and Silverstone.

With over 14 years experience, he is very pleased with the way web is maturing as a platform and strongly believes that the future will be made from JavaScript. He can’t wait for the time when all apps are browser based rather than native.