Bonny & Martina Bonny Colville-Hyde & Martina Welander

Structured content: Scaling your ideas to create better experiences

This workshop aims to bring the crossover between product strategy, user experience and product development into focus, and help participants plan and structure their sites in ways that allow them to grow over time.

Learn about why you need to plan content and IA beyond the interface, and how you can work more effectively with developers to build sustainable and scalable products.

We will look at some of the common pitfalls of designing site structures, including the problems caused by tagging and what happens when you accidentally bake content into pages. We’ll use a variety of examples to illustrate the common traps, including mistakes we’ve both made!

We’ll also cover how to discuss your UX and IA intentions with developers to ensure they understand what you’re really trying to achieve, and build a system that can deliver against that, avoiding problems caused by assumptions.

Martina and Bonny have 20 years of combined experience designing and building digital products for a wide variety of clients. This session is inspired by the trials and tribulations they have faced along the way.


About Bonny Colville-Hyde

Bonny is the User Experience Architect for Sports & Specialist at Immediate Media. She works across a variety of sites including, and She’s best known for making comics and she loves working in digital strategy.


About Martina Welander

Martina is a Technical Consulting Engineer and developer evangelist at Sitecore, where her primary role is to empower and support Sitecore’s technical community by producing a wide variety of technical content.