Will Myddelton Will Myddelton

User research as a team sport

One of the most famous GDS slogans is ‘user research is a team sport’. Great slogan. But what does it mean in reality? You’ll form small teams to do some user research on a real GDS project. From test session to analysis to prioritised findings. In 55 minutes. It will be hectic. It will be hands-on. It will be a lot of fun. Like all good research.

You’ll leave with one surefire, unbreakable way to make user research a team sport. And your team will love you for it…


About Will Myddelton

Will is a user researcher at the Government Digital Service (GDS). He has eight years’​ experience in creating successful web products that match user needs with business goals. Before joining GDS he was a user experience designer at the London office of cxpartners..